Downpour is one of two installations produced while on a residency initiative developed in collaboration with Trinidadian artist Shanice Smith. This piece represents a continued material exploration of my sanitary napkin wrappers and is, in many ways, an extension of the earlier installation, And Then it Came.


Once again, emphasis was placed on pushing the boundaries of what could be done with the material in a sculptural sense and what other forms the work could take. The material itself was used as an instrument to measure time, with each wrapper being equivalent to half a day. Each version of the installation, therefore, could be read as a representation of myself at different points of my life, depending on how many wrappers were used.


Another point of interest was the recycling of the material during the production of each installation. Since the wrappers are reused in different works and the integrity of each one is continuously being compromised by the use of tape to fasten them to each other, there is a gradual process of disintegration that becomes equally fascinating.

Downpour, 2017

Installation (sanitary napkin wrappers, garbage bags, wire, tape)