Yesterday, Tomorrow, Forever: A series of work for Caribbean Linked IV

When I first got to Aruba I was immediately struck by the beautiful architecture. Then I looked down and was even more amazed! Such a rich history of intricately designed and handmade tiles found in the most obscure places. I knew then that I had to find a way to incorporate those beautiful designs into my own body of work. And so the challenge began!

If this year's master artist Humberto Diaz had not stepped in and forced me out of my comfort zone then my work would've been very different. I recognize now that my initial ideas were safe and, quite frankly, boring. Luckily, I was able to meet the challenge of working with new methods and materials without compromising too much of my own aesthetic. There's so much more room to play now that my eyes have been opened! So grateful that Humberto kept pushing me even when it got under my skin!

I spent hours installing these adhesive tiles in a space that I settled on quite by accident. But in the end I couldn't imagine a more perfect spot! I finally finished installing at 5am on the morning of the opening of the Caribbean Linked IV exhibition. All in all it was a beautiful experience and I'm so grateful that I got to share it with such an amazing group of friends!

Below are eight 6x6" digital collages I did based on various tile designs I photographed during the course of my stay in Aruba. The bodies inserted into each design were all taken from the online publications of the Aruban Island Temptations magazine.

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