Las Antillas para los Antillanos exhibition opens at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

Dominique Hunter, Canal No. 2 Polder

Dominique Hunter - Canal No. 2 Polder, 2016

As part of the exhibition Open Air Prisons at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions), Puerto Rican artist Mónica Rodríguez will establish a temporary Caribbean Research Center from September 30th to October 9th. Taking Ramón Emeterio Betances’ 19th century phrase “The Antilles for the Antilleans” as a starting point, the Rodriguez has invited a group of artists, historians, writers, and thinkers, to contribute to the research center by responding to Betances’ call for an Antillean Federation as a strategy to establish autonomy while resisting colonialism in the Caribbean Region. The Center will provide a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the social, cultural and economic characteristics of the Caribbean community. Paramount to the research center’s potential is a need to build connections between cultural producers in a region where political and economic paradigms have prevented the development of a creative and fair flux between islands. This has historically been due to language barriers, cultural and ethnic differences, as well as economic and political infrastructures implemented by colonial powers. It is therefore the research center’s core intention, to prompt a much-needed dialogue about what it means to be Caribbean through an articulation of collective social exchange. In other words only through collective action can we (The Antilleans) work together towards a consideration in decolonization strategies through a creative supportive network. Programming: Artist Mireya Lucio will activate the materials in the research center through a series of embodied interventions. On October 1st, during the opening reception she will perform poems from the collection, including Luis Llorens Torres's poem "Canción de las Antillas." On October 5th, there will be an open studio/rehearsal in the space during opening hours, with the resulting performance on October 9th, the closing day of the research center. Located in the project room in the back of LACE 6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Text taken from the Facebook event page:

List of Contributors: - Ada Bobonis, Puerto Rico - Adler Guerrier, Haiti / Miami, Fl - Alicia Milne, Trinidad & Tobago - Andy Robert, Haiti / U.S.A. - Annalee Davis, Barbados - Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Puerto Rico - Blue Curry, Bahamas / London - Carolina Caycedo, Colombia - Charlie Godet Thomas, British / Bermudian - Chaveli Sifre, Puerto Rico / Berlin - David Gumbs, St. Martin - David Knight, Jr, U.S. Virgin Islands - Desirée González Garcés, Puerto Rico - Dominique Hunter, Guyana - Glorimarta Linares, Puerto Rico - Guillermo Rebollo Gil, Puerto Rico - Guillermo Rodríguez, Puerto Rico - Ida Does, Suriname / Aruba / The Netherlands - Iván Malespín, Miami, Fl / Puerto Rico / Dominican Republic - Jorge Gonzalez, Puerto Rico - Jose “Tony” Cruz, Puerto Rico - Katherine Kennedy, Barbados - Kelman Duran, Dominican Republic / Los Angels, CA - Laura Sofía Pérez, Puerto Rico / Los Angeles, CA - Lorraine Rodriguez, Puerto Rico - Los Tejedores; Natalia Ortega / Ricardo Ariel Toribo, Dominican Republic - Luis Vasquez La Roche, Trinidad & Tobago - Madeline Jimenez, Dominican Republic - Marina Reyes Franco, Puerto Rico - Michelle Serieux, St. Lucia - Minia Biabiany, Guadeloupe - Mireya Lucio, Puerto Rico / Los Angeles, CA - Natalia Lassalle-Morillo, Puerto Rico - Natalia Viera, Puerto Rico / New York - nibia pastrana santiago, Puerto Rico - Nowe Harris-Smith, Bahamas - Olivia Mc Gilchrist, Jamaica / Montreal - Oneika Russell, Jamaica - Pablo Guardiola, Puerto Rico - Ramón Miranda Beltrán, Puerto Rico - Shanice Smith, Trinidad & Tobago - Simon J. Tatum, Cayman Islands - Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Puerto Rico - Tamara Renée, Jamaica / New York - Tessa Mars, Haiti - Travis Geertruida, Curacao - Ulrik López, Mexico - Versia Harris, Barbados

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