New series!

After weeks of researching material for the Las Antillas para los Antillanos exhibition and falling down the rabbit hole of information, I stumbled upon a new series of work rather casually one afternoon.

In my typical style, I was over thinking and panicking as the submission deadline drew ever closer. Uncertain if I would even be able to make a contribution to what would be my first international group exhibition, I had all but given up at one point.

It was on my weekly retreat to my parents' farm that I looked down while walking on the bridge over the canal in front of our farm house. In that moment, what I saw was the most beautiful thing I had ever observed in our water. Algae! It was everywhere! It covered the entire floor bed of the canal in a way that reminded me of little colonies. Something clicked and suddenly all of the noise in my head stopped. I knew I had to go back with my camera.

And so I did. I must have taken more than 100 shots that morning and I really had no idea what they looked like because of the intense sunlight and shadows that obscured my vision. It wasn't until I uploaded them to my laptop that I, for the first time, got a good look at the images. I observed some of the silly mistakes I made and recognized what I needed to do differently the next time I decide to shoot them again. Of the 100+ images, I'm happy with about 4 or 5.

So far I've only just edited the colours as well as the brightness and contrast of each image. I plan to have them printed so that I can really start to physically manipulate them. I'm trying to think of how I can fit in some cutting and collaging but I won't know how that will work until I actually start. I'm also trying to not over think things, to just embrace the spontaneity of not having a plan.

I do plan to continue photographing them when they're plentiful again. The algae has since been liquified into a kind of muddy, soppy, unrecognizable mess. So shooting right now wouldn't yield very good results. But I can't wait until the water clears and they begin growing again!

#DominiqueHunter #Newseries #Photography #CanalNo2Polder #Algae

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