First for 2018

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and although I should feel guilty about that, the truth is, I don’t.

After realizing that I needed to redirect my energies in 2018, I made a promise that I’d hold myself accountable by composing a monthly newsletter. Well, we’re now in the month of February and I haven’t sent out anything as yet.

I fooled myself into thinking that once I removed a certain amount of responsibilities from my life, that there would finally be enough time to tackle every single project that has been delayed over the past three years.

This sudden “freedom” translated into me wanting to do everything all at once. I was overwhelmed by this new routine, or lack thereof, to be quite honest. Not knowing where or how to start led to a few weeks of creative paralysis where my schedule was filled with everything else but studio work. And so I got a very late start to my production.

Currently, I have three new works in progress, all of which mark the continuation of my “Cusp” series. I’ve also started another project that has been simmering in the back of my head since my final year at college. These are all works I was hoping to wrap up by the end of January but that certainly did not go according to plan. Nevertheless, I’m pushing through the bouts of illness and exhaustion to get them all done.

I’m really excited about this new chapter in my life and I can hardly wait to share it as I go along. More importantly, I’m very happy to finally be in a better position to carefully curate the people and things I want in my life.

#DominiqueHunter #Newchapter #Guyaneseartist #WIP

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